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As an institution engaged in providing information technology solutions, the International Journal & Conference was officially established on September 20, 2019 and has its head office in Aceh. In order to improve services to more than 240 clients throughout Indonesia spread throughout academic institutions, the International Journal & Conference opened an office in Aceh.

Along with the development of the company, currently the International Journal & Conference has a focus on product development and information technology solutions for the higher education segment, government agencies, companies. The service that focuses on the 4 main segments is then defined as Smart City Solution, which is a system and information technology based solution to create a smart city with the characteristics of less paper, less time, less cash and less complexity to improve the life order of academics and the community. an integrated information system for tertiary institutions consisting of various collections of information about international journals and conferences that are selected for the quality and legality of the publishers

As a company based on the development of tertiary institutions, International Journal & Conference has a competitive advantage that other companies do not have, namely the research resources and assets that are being designed by the International Journal & Conference team as a basis for the development and innovation of products and services to create appropriate solution for the community. And to complement the total service to customers and partners, the International Journal & Conference currently has Edu Consultant partners under the auspices of Educational Institute and Research Studies engaged in educational consultants for students studying abroad.

International Journal & Conference is a conferences journal media information’s Publications and two-way communication between International Journal & Conference with the public both our customers, prospective customers and the general public who want to find out information about international, national conferences in Indonesia and journal publication information in particular and developments in information technology and generally.

It is hoped that this reader will be able to get to know International Journal & Conference better, mutually respond to our article comments column while maintaining the value of politeness and not offending SARA.
The International Journal & conference team will be happy to respond to readers’ questions. Hopefully this International Journal & conference will bring positive benefits and broaden our horizons.
International Journal & conference team:

  1. Editor’s Manager: Musliadi Usman, MA | @musliadi_usman
  2. Editor: Halimatussa’diah
  3. Content Writer: Mujahida Adz-Dzikra Al-Adzkiya
  4. Graphic Designer: Fauzi