International Excellence Scholarship in Italy

For international excellence, students with high talent who wish to pursue their studies in English in Italy.

 The University of Padova is a major Italian university located in Padua, Italy. The University of Padua was established in 1222 as a law school and was one of the most prominent universities in modern Europe.

  Italy is a unique destination for Arab students who want to complete their university studies in Europe due to the low standard of living. Foreign students are also allowed to work in Italy until 1040 hours per year. Also, a foreign student is allowed to stay in Italy after completing a master’s or doctorate for 12 months only. In order to search for a job.

Grant details:

Host country: Italy

University: Padova

Level of study: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Number of grants available: 43

Target group: International students from all over the world

Deadline: April 7, 2020

Specializations available in the scholarship:

You can view the Bachelor and Master programs available in the scholarship and conditions for each program here

Duration of study in the padua scholarship:

  • Two consecutive years for the master’s degree
  • 3 consecutive years for the Bachelor’s degree

Note: If the student exceeds the period mentioned above for each stage, he will bear the remaining costs of studies until graduation.

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Grant value:

  • Full tuition waiver
  • 8,000 Euros is granted in two installments (4000 Euros per year) according to academic merit and excellence.

Eligibility Criteria and Grant Conditions:

1- That the applicant does not have Italian citizenship.

2- The applicant does not have a general high school diploma from Italy for a bachelor’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree from Italy for a master’s degree.

3- To apply for one of the majors taught in English at Padova University.

4- Not to benefit from any other global grants or bids.

5- He meets the conditions for obtaining an Italian visa.

The papers and documents required to apply for the scholarship:

1- The CV is written in English.

2- Cover letter in English

3- A copy of the graduation certificate and the transcript statement (for applicants for master’s degrees)

4- A copy of the passport

5- Proof of English language proficiency (in the event that it is one of the requirements of the advanced program only)

Note: Please review the requirements of the program chosen for the study to identify any additional documents specific to the program.

 ■ You can contact the university for inquiries via the following e-mail: [email protected]

How to apply for the scholarship:

You can apply for the scholarship by completing the application form and submitting the required documents.

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 ● To apply for the scholarship and learn how to apply in detail, click here

 ● To view the official scholarship website click

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