Scholarship at the University of Sussex, MA, MSc, LLM

Opportunities for S2 scholarships abroad are endless. There are many, as long as you want to look for them. There are full, not a few who are also parity. For example scholarships at the University of Sussex, England. Scholarship offers on this campus are actually diverse. One of them is S2 scholarships aimed at international students.

The program name is Chancellor’s International Scholarship (2020). Quota provided as many as 25 scholarships. Each scholarship recipient will later be entitled to a 50% tuition discount during their studies at the University of Sussex. This scholarship is suitable for those of you who have plans to pay for college independently. With these scholarships, tuition fees can be helped.


  1. Categorized as a foreign student who needs financial support
  2. Has been accepted to the full-time master’s program which qualifies, starting lectures at the University of Sussex in September 2020
  3. Has brilliant achievements (cumlaude)
  4. Have clear and directed goals related to lectures

▪ Scholarships apply to all regular (full-time) master’s degree programs at the University of Sussex, such as MA, MSc, and LLM degrees. Except for the following lectures:
a. Corruption, Law and Governance LLM (delivered in Qatar)

b. Development Studies MA

c. Early Years in Education MA
d. Globalization, Business and Development MA

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e. Governance, Development and Public Policy MA
f. Power, Participation and Social Change MA
g. Poverty and Development MA
h. Masters degrees in Social Work (if receiving a NHS bursary)
i. PGCE courses
j. Schools direct teaching courses
k. In addition, master’s programs funded by research institutes also do not meet requirements (for example ESRC 1 + 3).

l. All master’s programs at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

First, applicants must first apply to a qualified master program with the exception of the master program above. Registration at the University of Sussex is done online via the page:

Furthermore, after being accepted and getting a place offer in the master’s program, applicants can apply for a Masters scholarship at the University of Sussex. You need to complete the online chancellor scholarship application form. Online registration deadline is May 1, 2020. Applications that meet the criteria will be proposed to the academic panel for decision. The Scholarship Office will contact all applicants when a final decision is made. The selection results will be notified no later than July 1 2020.

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